Go Ye Chapel (GYC) is a Holy Spirit filled, bible believing, international and diverse church. We come together to make fellowship, praise, and worship a lifestyle. We edify children of God to pursue their rightful place of dominion and destiny according to the Word of God.

Zion Power Prayer Radio

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Live Prayer Transmission Starts @ 5:55pm



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Zion Power Prayer Radio

Zion Power Prayer Radio

We are happy to announce that our non-stop radio station will be launched by April 20th. You can help test the radio station by clicking here. As we build content for this site all constructive feedback are welcomed.

Pastor James Fadele

The Redeemed Church of God preaches the gospel in US

By Jason Margolis- PRI’s The World For centuries, European and American missionaries have gone to Africa to spread the word of Christ. That trend is now working in reverse, with a Nigerian minister in Texas who plans to build churches as numerous as Starbucks coffee shops. Drive an hour north-east of Dallas, and you will…

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